What To Expect During Inpatient Alcohol And Drug Detox?

Going to an inpatient drug and alcohol detox center is essential in the recovery journey. It will help you overcome addiction and guide you towards a better and healthy life. When you enroll in an inpatient detox treatment and stay in it for the required time, you will stop consuming drugs and alcohol, decrease your substance cravings, and improve your social, work, and psychological life.

Therefore, a medical detox center is very effective in helping you overcome your addiction and think of yourself in a better light. It will even change your perspective towards alcohol and drug use and addiction in general. Your outlook on the world will also change.

Below, we have listed a few things you should expect during inpatient alcohol and drug detox.

1. It will be challenging, but you will have a lot of support: If you talk to anyone who has completed inpatient detox treatment, they will all say the same thing — it demands a lot of work, it isn’t easy, and it will take time. However, you will always have a lot of people beside you to offer you support throughout it. You will have to show up for therapy and counseling sessions and do things you might not be comfortable doing. However, remember that every person at the detox center wants only the best for you.

2. A detox center is not a magic cure, but it is an effective addiction treatment: Addiction is not as simple as it sounds; it is a chronic relapsing condition that can’t be cured simply by staying in the center. However, you should also know that addiction is treatable and preventable.

The detox center will provide you with behavioral therapy, life skills, and peer support to help you uncover and address the underlying issues behind your addiction. You will also learn how to manage those issues without drug and alcohol abuse.

3. Treatment continues even after you come out of the rehab: You must not assume that a short stay at rehab in Tennessee will cure your addiction forever and give you the solution to all your problems. Although inpatient treatment considerably helps you overcome addiction, you still need to continue the treatment and aftercare even outside the rehab/detox center.

4. Honesty is the key: Enrolling in an inpatient detox center will help you start a new life and find positive coping behaviors. You will have to be completely honest with your counselors, therapists, loved ones, peers, and yourself. It will allow you to open the doors to your personal growth and a new healthy lifestyle that will continue even after leaving the detox center.

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