What Foods to Eat When Detoxing from Alcohol

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol is the most challenging phase of your addiction recovery. Depending on the addiction levels and health conditions, the detoxification process affects every individual differently. However, ‌it is tough for everyone to cope with the withdrawal symptoms that can last for a few weeks. Keeping yourself hydrated and consuming the right foods and medications is vital in the detoxification process and can significantly help ease the symptoms. 

Here is a list of food items that can help you through your drug or alcohol detox

Hydration is a must

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential every day. However, when detoxing from alcohol, hydrating becomes even more critical, as alcohol is a dehydrating substance. The most common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are dehydration, nausea, and vomiting. Keeping yourself hydrated helps deal with all those symptoms.

However, people find it challenging to stay hydrated with just water. So, you can also drink soups and fruits juices as they are easy to digest and provide nutrients while keeping you hydrated. You can also drink herbal tea and decaffeinated coffee.

Fruits and vegetables

Include green leafy vegetables and fruits into your diet when detoxing from alcohol. Green leafy vegetables are high in vitamin A, fiber, and folates that help boost your immune system and cope with the effects of withdrawal. Eating fruits enables you to avoid sugary foods that make you more dehydrated and prevent another addiction to sugary substances. 

Eat more proteins

Protein deficiency is a prevalent issue among people addicted to alcohol. Proteins are building blocks of your body, and protein deficiency leads to fatigue and other issues. Include meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts in your diet as they are rich in protein and other essential nutrients such as iron, magnesium, and vitamins. Although, it is best to eat meats that are low in fat and high in protein. 

Whole grains

You should also include sufficient carbohydrates to have a balanced diet and maintain your energy levels. Grains are a substantial source of carbohydrates. However, it is best to stick to whole grains rather than refined ones as they also contain fiber and other nutrients missing in refined grain products. 

Cayenne pepper

During withdrawal, one of the hardest things to do is resist your cravings for alcohol. People often give in to the cravings, and the entire process goes to waste. It is seen that adding more cayenne pepper to your diet can help you resist your alcohol carvings. It helps fight nausea, which is a common alcohol withdrawal symptom. 

Alcohol detoxification is a draining process, both mentally and physically. Adding these nutritious foods to your diet can make the process more bearable and increase the chances of success. 

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