What Do 3 Weeks Without Alcohol Do to Your Body?

Having a drink or two doesn’t hurt anyone; however, these numbers can quickly go up when you are home during the Christmas holidays or facing stressful circumstances in life. As you consume more drinks, alcohol starts to show harmful effects on your body. You may not realize those harmful effects until you stop drinking for some time and notice the difference. 

Read on to know what happens to your body when you stop drinking alcohol for about three weeks. 

You sleep better

It is a proven fact that getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep plays a vital role in keeping your body healthy. However, people fail to realize that there are several stages of sleep, such as light sleep, REM sleep, and deep sleep, and all these stages are essential for your brain. However, when you drink alcohol, you skip the REM sleep and directly slip into a deep sleep. 

Within a week or two of quitting alcohol, your sleep patterns improve, and your mind and body get the required rest.

You stay more hydrated

When you consume alcohol, your body needs four times more liquids than usual to stay hydrated. Most people do not intake that much liquid when consuming alcohol, leading to dehydration. 

Dehydration can cause various problems, like nausea, headaches, fatigue, and renal issues in the long term. Staying off alcohol helps you stay hydrated easily, avoiding these issues. 

You save calories

When you drink alcohol, you consume many calories that can throw your calory consumption out of balance. Let’s say you drink 175 ml of wine every week, which amounts to 960 calories, and in three weeks, it would amount to 2880 calories that you will find very hard to burn. When you stop drinking, you save all the unnecessary calorie intake. 

Reduced blood pressure

High levels of alcohol consumption often lead to high blood pressure and strokes. When you stop drinking, your blood pressure drops to normal within 3 to 4 weeks, and your heart health improves.

Improved overall health 

When you stop drinking alcohol for 3 to 4 weeks, your overall health improves. Your skin gets better, your stomach functions better, your kidneys are relieved of added pressure, and better sleep and hydration enhance your mental health. 

Saves money

There is no denying that alcohol is an additional expense, and as the quantity increases, it can put certain financial pressure on you. It can cost you around 90 dollars in 3 weeks if you drink wine. When you stop drinking, you save a lot of money that can be put to better use. 

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