What Are The Symptoms Of Drug Abuse?

Not every addiction looks the same. You might have pictured addiction wrong all this while due to misleading information shared in movies or caricatures. Every person suffering from drug abuse may appear or behave differently. In fact, you may not even believe you or your loved one is suffering from addiction.

Below, we have listed the top seven symptoms of drug abuse.

1. Changes in sleep habits- Drug abuse can significantly influence your sleep cycle. They alter the hormones responsible for tiredness and wakefulness and drive you off your typical sleep schedule. You may either oversleep or stay up for extended periods due to your dependency on drugs.

2. Erratic behavior- It is the most evident symptom of drug abuse or any other substance addiction. You may experience feelings of power, paranoia, or invulnerability, resulting in reckless or dangerous actions. Moreover, the withdrawal can be stressful for you and lead to even more erratic behavior. Drug abuse can also intensify any co-occurring disorders you might have, like depression and anxiety, with the effects of each issue feeding off of the other.

3. Defensive- You may respond with wariness or hostility when someone talks to you about your addiction or other uncomfortable topics. You may even redirect the conversation with aggressive mood swings, arguments, or other distraction methods.

4. Reclusive and private behavior- Usually, people struggling with drug abuse isolate themselves from others. It can be because they fear social stigma, experience shame, or become paranoid. You may even withdraw from your close relationships and become secretive. Your reclusive behavior can include:

  • Spending a lot of time in your room
  • Not informing anyone where or with whom you are going
  • Locking the door when you leave or enter your room
  • Shutting down when people question you for your behavior

5. Mood swings- Drug substance abuse can negatively affect your ability to manage your emotions. You can suddenly become extremely upset, get irritated or angry, or feel miserable. Plus, if you used to be a calm and collected person and suddenly have become hyper and manic, you are most likely to be a victim of drug addiction or drug abuse.

6. Loss of interest- Drug abuse can even take control of the mind’s reward system. You basically divert your energy towards the impulse of consuming drugs. You may fail to show up where your presence is needed, follow through on plans, or your skills and talents may start to fade away. Therefore, if you lose interest in things or hobbies you once cherished, you must talk to an addiction counselor.

7. Overall appearance- Prolonged drug abuse can lead to significant changes in your physical appearance. Moreover, you may also lose or gain appetite, resulting in drastic weight changes. These sudden body weight changes and a lack of interest in personal grooming without any solid reason are signs of drug abuse.

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