5 Tips for Dealing with Your Fear of Withdrawal Experiences

Fear is the greatest enemy you will face on your road to recovery. People going through substance or alcohol addiction face many fears, including fear of abandonment, failure, and being shunned by society. Yet, the fear of withdrawal is the most significant one, as it refrains you from fighting your addiction. However, there are ways to overcome your fear of withdrawal through corrective practices.

Here are some effective tips to help you deal with your withdrawal fears. 

Accept your fears

The first step to tackle your fear of withdrawal is accepting the fact that withdrawal will happen if you want to stop being an addict. Denying the withdrawal symptoms will only delay your recovery. The quicker you accept that you have an addiction and withdrawal is essential to recover, the easier will be your road to recovery. 

Take responsibility

The next step to overcome your fear of withdrawal is taking responsibility for your health. You need to accept that no one can do this for you, and you have to treat your addiction in order to get better. Taking responsibility will help you face your fears and get ahead of them. 

Build a positive attitude

Your perspective regarding any situation affects the entire results. Therefore, it is essential you build a positive mindset regarding your recovery and treatment process. You need to believe that you can fight the symptoms without giving in when things go south. 

Your mindset also paves the way for the emotions you feel. So a negative mindset promotes negative emotions, such as anger, fear, and regret. A positive attitude makes way for positive emotions of happiness, gratitude, and calmness. 

Stay active 

It is rightly said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Having a lot of idle time on your hands can make you restless and focus more on your symptoms or the fear in your mind. 

However, suppose you spend that time doing something productive and take physical efforts, such as exercising or pursuing a hobby. In that case, you are less likely to feel the negative emotions of fear, anxiety, and stress.  

Be kind to yourself

One thing people suffering from addiction do is judge themselves too harshly for their failures. You blame and demotivate yourself more than anyone for any setbacks you may have during recovery. Doing so will empower your fears and push you to quit the recovery process. 

You should also avoid people who encourage such negative emotions and surround yourself with friends and family members who support and understand your struggles. 

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