The Importance of Community When You’re In Recovery

You might have completed your treatment program from the best alcohol rehab in Tennessee and believe that your addiction recovery journey is over. However, you are making a mistake if you think so. When the addiction treatment is over, the real journey starts. At such times, having a strong and healthy community around you can do wonders. It can help you maintain and enjoy your new sober life. This community can have people with similar interests or your caring friends and family who have always stood beside you. You can also join a community consisting of people struggling with and striving to overcome similar addiction problems.

Below, we have listed the benefits of community when you are in recovery at a drug and alcohol detox center.

1. Reminds you that you are not alone: During addiction, you may have isolated yourself and never talked to anyone about your thoughts and feelings. It’s no secret that the addiction life is very lonely. However, a healthy community will constantly remind you that you are not alone in this journey. It can also be a safe space to share your feelings and challenges.

2. Provides support as you make healthy changes: Recovery is not only about kicking out drugs and alcohol from your life. It also requires you to make healthy lifestyle changes. You should aim for holistic wellness and balance your body, mind, and spirit.

When you experience cravings that can trigger a relapse, the community relationships will help and support you. They will also introduce you to activities that could interest you and promote wellness.

3. Offers accountability and engagement: Sometimes, accountability can be harmful as no one appreciates the idea of another person constantly keeping a tab on them. However, it is better to have someone who has gone through the same experiences in the past monitoring you. They will be able to share their insights and guide you about what will come your way and how to deal with it.

You should also understand that accountability doesn’t involve constant nagging. Accountability can also refer to keeping you on track, reminding you of your goals, and celebrating every success or milestone with you.

4. Provides support between treatment sessions: Recovery is like a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs. You might feel supported and motivated one day and anxious and overwhelmed the next. If you have a strong community around you, they will lift up your spirits in between the treatment sessions.

5. Helps rebuild your social skills: A strong community teaches you to build healthy and meaningful relationships. They will help you learn how to:

  • Show empathy
  • Listen well
  • Read ‘social cues’
  • Express your feelings
  • Resolve conflict
  • Connect with others
  • Have healthy conversations

These skills will prepare you for work, school, and home.

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