Stress And Addiction: Coping In Recovery

Stress is one of the most significant contributing factors to a drug and alcohol addiction relapse. Those in recovery from addiction should know how to manage stress to prevent alcohol or drug relapse.

Sometimes even minor things like having people ask you the same question or being late for work can result in stress. Even the stress of being unemployed, managing financial concerns, or complicated relationships makes it difficult to focus on everyday tasks. You cannot get rid of stress, but you can learn to manage it after coming out of drug detox in Tennessee.

Below, we have listed the top five strategies to cope with stress during addiction recovery.

Develop healthy routines to maintain sobriety:

A routine will help you focus on the future rather than current frustrations. For instance, if you follow a fixed routine for sleeping, eating, and working, your mind will be at ease. On the other hand, if your days are not planned with multiple tasks to do at various times, it will only result in more stress. Therefore, you should establish healthy routines and stick to them to help prevent stress.

Improve your sleep: 

Sleep is an essential element of stress management. When you sleep, your body heals and restores you physically and mentally. If you are in the early phase of recovery, you might even struggle with insomnia. Try to go to bed and wake up around the same time every day. It will help your body get into a rhythm and relieve stress.  

Keep a daily journal and gratitude list: 

Writing can help you express and work out your thoughts and feelings. Moreover, when you see your thoughts on paper, you will be able to deal with your emotions more effectively and quickly. It will also help you maintain an inventory of your life’s events and understand how to improve your behavior and actions. All in all, it will help you relax and maintain a positive attitude. 

Find a way to have fun:

You must indulge in activities that you enjoy to relieve stress. For instance, if you like spending time with friends, invite your friends over dinner in an environment with no substance use. If you like music, look for a local music group to join.

Turn to a support group

Support groups are beneficial as they will give you a drug-free opportunity to interact with others and open up about your feelings and emotions without the fear of being judged. They can also be of great help when you feel weak or insecure about yourself. 

Moreover, when you associate with a support group, you can also help others, which is another good way to cope with stress. Therefore, after completing your rehab program, you should look for a support group.

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The tips mentioned above can help you stay sober and avoid stress during recovery. At Genesis Medical Detox, we offer reliable and comprehensive programs for the best detox in Tennessee. Our clients choose us for our team of expert healthcare professionals qualified to provide the best care you need. You can reach out to us at 844-895-0537 or fill out our online contact form to know more.

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