Stages of The Substance Detoxification Journey

Detoxification is the most crucial and initial step in your drug and alcohol recovery journey. Detoxification entails removing the existing toxic chemicals in your body so that your body can heal from the effects of drug abuse. Although it is a part of your recovery program, detoxification itself is a long and complex process. You can either abstain entirely or reduce the dosage slowly (tapering) under medical supervision to begin your recovery during detoxification.

Here is everything you need to know about your substance detoxification process.

Types of detox

There are mainly three types of detoxification methods:

Medical detox: The patient is closely monitored in a medical facility to gauge their withdrawal reactions during this process.

Inpatient detox: The patient stays at a medical facility for an extended period under this type of detox program. It is considered the safest of all types of detox as help is within reach at all times.

Outpatient detox: During this program, the patient doesn’t have to stay at a facility, nor are they closely monitored, but attend sessions at a facility. This type of detox has the highest chances of relapse in the early stages. However, they work well for low-level addictions.

Stages of detox

A typical detox process has the following stages:

  • Early Stage: The early stage of detox is considered the first two days of the start of the process. Here, the initial withdrawal symptoms start to appear. The symptoms are mild for the first few hours but progress quickly, leaving you broken and beat.
  • Peak stage: After the initial step is over, you move on to the peak stage, which lasts for up to five days after the user has stopped. These are the worst few days where your body battles itself to survive the withdrawal symptoms. Medical professionals often give medication during this stage to help you cope with the substance cravings.
  • Weakening stages: This stage ranges from five to seven days after you stop using. By this point, you don’t feel the withdrawal symptoms as aggressively you would in the beginning. The treatment during this stage focuses on group therapies and medications. At this stage, you can also become an outpatient as the chances of relapse reduce significantly.
  • Final stage: The last step is when your body is ultimately used to functioning without any drugs, detox, or otherwise. This stage happens from 7 to 15 days from the start of the detox process. You get more group therapies and support group activities at this stage, and any tempering is stopped entirely.

The recovery process does not end at detoxification. However, one of the most challenging stages is over with the detoxification, and you can move on further on the road to recovery.  

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