How To Stay Sober In Early Recovery?

After putting in all the hard work and efforts in a rehab program, you would surely not want to relapse and go through it again. However, staying sober is a challenging lifelong process in which your cravings can take a toll on you and pose a hurdle during your recovery. Fortunately, you can follow many practices and strategies to maintain sobriety and lessen the risk of relapse.

Below, we have listed the top five tips to stay sober in early recovery.

1. Deal with past mistakes- Most people fighting their addictions have made mistakes in the past. Therefore, you are likely to feel guilty or shameful about your actions or behavior in the past. You can also experience shame for simply being addicted in the first place. However, if these emotions become overpowering, you may not be able to recover from addiction. These feelings can become toxic and result in relapse if you do not address them adequately. Instead, you should learn from your past mistakes and promise to live your life more responsibly.

2. Avoid old routines and habits- If you have quit drug or alcohol consumption but still continue the same old habits and hang around the same people and places, you will quickly fall back into your old behaviors and addiction. Therefore, you should immediately stop hanging out with the people you consume drugs or alcohol with. Additionally, you should avoid places, actions, or people who may trigger your use of drugs or alcohol again.

3. Build healthy relationships- You will realize that some past relationships were unhealthy and toxic for you. Moreover, it is not only your drinking buddies who can get you into trouble— people closest to you can also push you towards relapse.

For instance, a family member, colleague, or friend may be enabling you without even knowing it. Therefore, you should build only healthy relationships which will help you stay sober and reduce your chances of a relapse.

4. Find balance in your life- You must never substitute new compulsive behaviors for your old ones. After recovery, you may start following a new diet and workout routine or look for new jobs. Although these activities are healthy and productive, they can make lasting recovery more challenging if you indulge in them only to fill the void left by the original addiction. Therefore, you should aim for a healthy balance and gain control over your life to ensure lasting sobriety.

5. Celebrate milestones- Addiction recovery involves a lot of hard work, and you must acknowledge and celebrate the same. It will help you stay motivated and remind you why you are investing so much time and effort into sobriety in the first place. However, remember to not reward yourself with anything involving drugs or alcohol.

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