What Is Life Like After Drug Abuse?

Drug Abuse

Addiction can be as bad as not having the will to even get out of bed and experiencing cravings to consume drugs and alcohol all day. In such cases, you may even start questioning if you will ever be happy again in the future. While a drug and alcohol detox center and sobriety can open […]

The Importance of Community When You’re In Recovery

Community In Recovery

You might have completed your treatment program from the best alcohol rehab in Tennessee and believe that your addiction recovery journey is over. However, you are making a mistake if you think so. When the addiction treatment is over, the real journey starts. At such times, having a strong and healthy community around you can […]

Stress And Addiction: Coping In Recovery

Sleeping man

Stress is one of the most significant contributing factors to a drug and alcohol addiction relapse. Those in recovery from addiction should know how to manage stress to prevent alcohol or drug relapse. Sometimes even minor things like having people ask you the same question or being late for work can result in stress. Even […]

4 Practical Tips For Staying Sober

Support Group

Substance abuse treatment can be a long journey with many bumps along the way. Most people even relapse at some point after coming out of the best drug rehab in Tennessee. Therefore, achieving sobriety is no less than an accomplishment, but maintaining it can be challenging. You may perceive addiction relapse as an adverse condition. […]

What’s The Difference Between Binge Drinking And Alcoholism?

Binge Drinking

You might be familiar with the terms alcoholism and binge drinking. On the surface, both the terms appear similar because they involve excessive drinking. Therefore, many people use the two words interchangeably, but they are not the same. People struggling with alcoholism are most likely to indulge in binge drinking often. But, someone binge drinking […]

What Are The Symptoms Of Drug Abuse?

Drug Abuse

Not every addiction looks the same. You might have pictured addiction wrong all this while due to misleading information shared in movies or caricatures. Every person suffering from drug abuse may appear or behave differently. In fact, you may not even believe you or your loved one is suffering from addiction. Below, we have listed […]

How To Stay Sober In Early Recovery?

Stay Sober In Early Recovery

After putting in all the hard work and efforts in a rehab program, you would surely not want to relapse and go through it again. However, staying sober is a challenging lifelong process in which your cravings can take a toll on you and pose a hurdle during your recovery. Fortunately, you can follow many […]

What Foods to Eat When Detoxing from Alcohol

food for detoxing from alcohol

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol is the most challenging phase of your addiction recovery. Depending on the addiction levels and health conditions, the detoxification process affects every individual differently. However, ‌it is tough for everyone to cope with the withdrawal symptoms that can last for a few weeks. Keeping yourself hydrated and consuming the right […]

5 Tips for Dealing with Your Fear of Withdrawal Experiences

withdrawal fears

Fear is the greatest enemy you will face on your road to recovery. People going through substance or alcohol addiction face many fears, including fear of abandonment, failure, and being shunned by society. Yet, the fear of withdrawal is the most significant one, as it refrains you from fighting your addiction. However, there are ways […]

6 Signs of Drug or Alcohol Dependency

drug and alcohol

According to NSDUH, nearly 19.7 million people in the United States of America suffer from substance disorders. Substance disorders develop from the continuous use of addictive substances such as alcohol, cocaine, and others. However, most people under the influence of such substances find it hard to accept that they are addicted and seek help. If […]