How Medical Detox Helps Save Lives

The consequences of addiction can be severe. Addiction wreaks havoc on an individual’s life, destroying physical and mental health and draining social circles. Thankfully, there is help available to enable people suffering from chemical dependencies to not only reclaim their lives but also improve their overall well-being. One recovery program in particular that has helped […]

Handling Addiction and Depression: Ways to Cope

Depression and addiction are both difficult to manage, especially when they are present at the same time. Fortunately, both illnesses can be treated. People with dual illnesses can feel more powerful and engaged in their healing process if they understand the risk factors, symptoms, and treatment options.   At Genesis Medical Detox, we understand both […]

Understanding Addiction

An addiction is a long-lasting dysfunction of the brain’s motivational, reward, and memory systems. It has to do with how much a substance or habit your body needs, especially if it causes a compulsive or obsessive drive for a reward or a disregard for the consequences.   Over time, addictions can severely interrupt your day-to-day […]

Steps to Take to Ensure a Successful Recovery

The ability to achieve success in long-term addiction treatment requires a range of approaches. Some of the difficulties of long-term healing can be reduced by incorporating these suggestions into daily life.    In the end, recovery is something you must continuously work on, but with the right plan and support system, you can be successful. […]

What Life Is Post Addiction Recovery?

Addiction Recovery

Completing a rehab treatment program is no less than an achievement worth celebrating. However, maintaining long-term sobriety after coming out of alcohol rehab in Tennessee is challenging. Therefore, do not assume that undergoing a treatment program can fix your drug or alcohol addiction. Understand that it will take some time to resume your life after […]

What Is Life Like After Drug Abuse?

Drug Abuse

Addiction can be as bad as not having the will to even get out of bed and experiencing cravings to consume drugs and alcohol all day. In such cases, you may even start questioning if you will ever be happy again in the future. While a drug and alcohol detox center and sobriety can open […]

Stress And Addiction: Coping In Recovery

Sleeping man

Stress is one of the most significant contributing factors to a drug and alcohol addiction relapse. Those in recovery from addiction should know how to manage stress to prevent alcohol or drug relapse. Sometimes even minor things like having people ask you the same question or being late for work can result in stress. Even […]

4 Practical Tips For Staying Sober

Support Group

Substance abuse treatment can be a long journey with many bumps along the way. Most people even relapse at some point after coming out of the best drug rehab in Tennessee. Therefore, achieving sobriety is no less than an accomplishment, but maintaining it can be challenging. You may perceive addiction relapse as an adverse condition. […]

How To Stay Sober In Early Recovery?

Stay Sober In Early Recovery

After putting in all the hard work and efforts in a rehab program, you would surely not want to relapse and go through it again. However, staying sober is a challenging lifelong process in which your cravings can take a toll on you and pose a hurdle during your recovery. Fortunately, you can follow many […]